February 11, 2012

First Long Run: Food & Friends

This morning I woke up a bit congested with a heavy dose of post nasal drip, but I woke up early enough to help get it out of my system.  I ate my usual bagel with's a ritual I have before a long run.  I also decided to try a pre-run juice.  After a recommendation of a juice made with carrots, a beet, and an apple, I did some research and learned that carrots are great for workouts.  Not exactly sure why, but rest assured I will research further.  Anywho, I didn't have any beets, so I subbed it with an orange.  It was delicious.

I headed off to the run and it was freezing, but running with a purpose and being surrounded by amazing people makes it all worth it.  To show everyone what we are all about, I took a video of our Circle of Remembrance for anyone interested.

Note:  I made the video with my phone so the volume is off.  I also apologize for my voice when I speak...obviously is much louder and may cause you to jump.

We had a few people run the 10 mile route and it was great.  I love running with other people.  The company and conversations are great and really help pass the time when you are running for so long.  My garmin stats were: 10.27 miles in 1:43 minutes.

I came home to my awesome husband and two beautiful girls, took a shower, stretched some more, and made my favorite protein recovery drink.  The color kind of looks gross because of the spinach, but you really can't taste the spinach.  The girls had some as well...that's how good it is.

Blueberries, 1 banana, 1 spoon of peanut butter, a handful of spinach, chocolate protein power, and fat free milk.

I'm off to make some quesadilla's and have a lazy weekend with my family.  It was a great week training wise, but the rest is well appreciated.  Below are a few pictures I took at our run this morning.

Thank you for your interest in my training and I hope I can motivate you to get active.  If you every have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Have a great weekend!!!

 A great group for families
 The 10 mile crew
 Passing by the flags at Patriot's Landing
 Our friends from Patriot's Landing

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