April 10, 2013

FIT Camp Coming Soon

So, I'm working on the launch of Fit in Time's FIT Camp.  The concept is there, most of the equipment is ready, but still need to get some of the logistics and administrative stuff out of the way. 
I'm very excited about this class because I've had many requests for this type of class and also because I know that it will benefit anyone and everyone that takes it.  
 My mission with FIT Camp is to:
  • Provide a fun and motivating class 
  • Show you just how strong you really are
  • Provide you with exercises with limited equipment that can be done virtually anywhere
 In addition, there are many other benefits that I think will appeal to you...

1. Low Cost: Since you will be sharing a personal trainer with 3-4 other people, I am able to provide a group training rate.

2. Educational: I will always provide fitness, health, and nutritional information (personalized) during our classes.

3. Portable: Most exercises you will learn at FIT Camp can be done nearly anywhere with limited equipment.

4. Motivational: Motivation is natural when you are performing fun and interactive exercises with a group of people.

5. Fun: A circuit type class helps break up the boredom & monotony that may come with "traditional" gym workouts.

6. Interval Training Emphasis: FIT camp is the perfect platform to provide you with alternating bouts of high & low intensity increasing your calorie burn, metabolic rate, and your aerobic capacity.

7. Efficient: In just 1 hour, you will get a full body STRENGTH & CARDIO workout.

So, the question is, Why wouldn't you consider taking a FIT Camp Class?
There's so much to gain, and not just physically.  
I'll be in touch, providing you with updates and we move closer to the launch.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Thank you so much for your support. 
...and Thank you in advance for sharing this with your friends and family.
Your Personal Trainer,
Coach Andi