May 11, 2012


I am only 1 month away from achieving my personal trainer certification.  For almost 1 year I have been searching for a product(s) that would provide clients with the nutritional assistance they would need to achieve their weight loss, maintenance, and/or fitness goals.  I have researched many companies, but had not found the perfect one, either because I wasn't pleased with the product or the business model, until NOW.

ViSalus is a great product.  Not only are their shakes great tasting, but they are low in calories and sugar.  Here is a chart that compares ViSalus to it's competitors.  Beachbody products are missing from this chart, but rest assured, their product is much more calorie and sugar dense than ViSalus.  ViSalus is even a great product for individuals with soy allergies.
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