April 9, 2012

Forget the Gym!

I'm still writing my blog for this past Saturday's 19 mile run, but since today's entry is shorter, I thought I'd just bang it out.  Writing and keeping a blog up to date is a lot of work and time consuming.

Mondays are usually my 3 mile easy run with strength training in the gym.  Today was just so gorgeous that I wanted to be outside.  Being cooped up in a smelly gym was not my idea of fun when I could do the same thing outdoors and enjoy the weather.

I did some research on workouts that could easily be done outdoors and couldn't wait for the end of my work day to get out there.  Finally the time came and I headed out for my 3 miler.  I started sweating right was a great feeling.  My legs felt a little heavy at first, but after the first mile I started feeling better. 

Once I got home, I picked up my resistance band pack and headed to the park across the street from my house for my work out.  Between the resistance band, push ups, tricep dips, jump rope, and of course my own body weight, I got a great workout in.  30 minutes of weight training went by really quick and I was glad to be able to enjoy the 70 degree weather.

I got some pictures of what I used to workout today.  These are all things we have available without needing a gym membership.  Started off my week stronger and intend to finish stronger!  Hoping the same for you...

First, I hit the pavement to get in some miles.
Then I hit the park for my upper body strength training.
I wrapped my resistance band around this tree.
This is what I used to get in some standing push ups.

This bench was the perfect place for my tricep dips.  I also used the bench for my squats (helps make sure I'm going down far enough).

You can workout anywhere and you can use so many things around the house and outdoors as exercise equipment.  We just need to use our creativity.  There are NO EXCUSES...especially now that spring is here and the warmer weather is approaching.