March 27, 2012

Double Dose of Awesome

Last Thursday I found myself, once again, at the doctor.  I had swollen glands earlier in the week and it was just getting worse.  It seems that all my symptoms were a result of post nasal drip which was being caused by a mix of allergies and acid reflux.  The doctor lectured me about the benefits of taking my medication and it would be the only way to prevent me from falling ill and not being able to run.  I've since been on a "drug" cocktail to get rid of the congestion and swelling.  Then I have a protocol for daily allergy and acid reflux medication going forward.  It seems that the cause of my allergies is mold, which causes post nasal drip and then the acid reflux I experience at night also provokes post nasal drip (PND).  Needless to say my PND was really bad and causing my body to think something was wrong, resulting in swollen glands.  For someone who doesn't like to take meds, I sure have a lot now.

The only symptom I had was the sore and swollen throat, so I was still heading out for my run.  I convinced my husband to come and join me so I could show him my new favorite trail.  It was a great run with amazing scenery & views and I loved sharing it with him.  (It's the same trail I posted pictures of in one of my latest blogs).  

Once we made our way past the switchback and to the sound (water), the hubster decided he wanted to run along the water...on the rocks.  I don't know why I thought that would be the worst of it.  Once we made our way to a "beach" area, I see him climbing up this hill to get to the train tracks.

I apologize for the foggy pictures.  I couldn't find my armband for my phone and used my lady pocket instead.  It was sunny and I couldn't tell that the lens was foggy.  Are you wondering what a lady pocket is?  It's my sports bra...hahahaha
Do you see that white spot in the picture?  That's him climbing.  This thing was steep.    


 This was the awesome view from the train tracks.

Once we caught our breath, we started running along the tracks.  Running on rocks is not easy and I was very careful because the last thing I needed was to hurt myself. 

We ran about 1/2 mile and my husband looks up and asks "What's up there?" I answered "I have no clue" and thought "uh oh."  Next thing I know, he's climbing again.  This hill was much longer and required hanging onto trees, moving branches, and hanging on for dear life.

Once we reached the top, this is what we found.  A huge construction site and a trail

I looked back down from where we came from and this is what we had just climbed.

 We ran along that trail thinking it would take us back to the original trail we came from, but we were wrong.  The trail came to an end.  We had to go pick up the girls from school and to go back the way we came from would just take way too long, so hubby went scouting for a trail back down.  There was none to be found so he decided he would lead us back to the trail.  We had climbed 2 steep hills to get to that point and now, somehow we needed to get down.  I was really scared and didn't want to do it, but with some "pressure" from my wondering other half, I sucked it up and followed him through a jungle.  There were times I had to run/slip down and make sure I headed towards a tree so that I could hug the tree and not fall down the rest of the hill.  I did fall at one point and slid down a bit, but I was secretly enjoying the adventure so I didn't mind. 

Thank goodness my husband is trained in land navigation and is really good at it; He led us in the right direction.  When I saw the trail I was so happy and glad to be alive (especially after spotting a fox or coyote in the distance when running on the trail with the dead end).

Back at the trail.  We came from the hill on the right.

This was where we came from.  It's so steep you can't even see the top of the hill.  

We finished off by running back up the switch back, through the trail along the sound, and back to the car. 
Reaching the end we stopped to enjoy the view of the sound and took a picture.

Not the best of pictures, but considering what we just went through...
It was a tough run, but I loved it.  Not only because I love running the trail or I got to experience something different, but because my husband was with me.  I love running and I love him, so doing it together is just a Double Dose of Awesome

My oldest daughter is excited to see the trail with the "tree tunnels".  Can't wait until we bring them there.  They will love it.

Until next time, happy runnings.