February 7, 2012

Preparation is the Key

By the time I finished my run on Saturday with Wear Blue: Run to Remember, I felt so accomplished.  Not because I completed 6 miles.  I knew I could do that.  It was because I felt magnificent during and after my run.  I knew that this wasn't a fluke.  Not only had I crossed off all of my workouts during the week (remember, I love check lists), but I returned to my healthy eating habits.  Two disciplines that make you a better, stronger, and faster runner.

Preparation is the key to every successful workout.  I have experienced this time and time again.  Sometimes, when I get lazy and don't prepare, I wind up frustrated with myself because I know that I have no one to blame but myself.  A consistent training plan and proper nutrition are the primary factors when preparing for a training session or a race.  For race day, much more goes into preparing, but for trainings it really is a routine that you have to create to ensure you have effective workouts.

Now that I am finalizing my ultra marathon training plan, I am getting my butt in gear.  I must be a well rounded athlete.  One who realizes that to become a stronger and faster runner, I must cross train.  One that recognizes that nutrition has a vital role in how my body handles my workouts.

Sometimes a 3 miler is the easiest thing in the world and other's torture.  I'm sure fellow runners understand this.  My goal is to make my runs as easy as possible more often. 

Off to look for my next runner's high...

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