July 15, 2013

FIT Push up & Sit up Challenge: Proper Form

As promised, here are videos demonstrating proper form when performing your push ups and sit ups.


As I've mentioned, this challenge is for full and complete push ups (so, no knees) and full range of motion sit ups). If you are unable to complete 1 full push up, please leave me a message and I will work with you to create a personalized challenge so that you can join us.

Sit ups

Remember, the challenge required you to perform sit ups, not crunches.  The videos are basically the same, but the hand positions are different.  Remember that sit ups are a controlled motion, therefore, try your best not to just use momentum to pull yourself up and down.  You should feel this is your abs.  One last quick note, do not pull on your neck.  It is not necessary.

Now that you know the correct form.  Go start the challenge and SURPRISE YOURSELF!!!
Your Personal Trainer,
Coach Andi

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