March 16, 2012

Beauty of Running

Most ultra training plans I reviewed suggested to have 2 long runs on the weekends.  As you all know, I am very big on planning and keeping the plan realistic.  Considering my schedule and the time I already spend away from my family with all my activities, I didn't want to spend time on Sunday running.  So, I switched my Sunday long runs to Friday.  So my 2 rest days are Sunday and Thursday.  Sunday helps me recover from my long runs and Thursdays help me get ready for my long runs.  I was extremely sore from my runs earlier this week and wasn't yet 100% recovered yet, so today I decided to do my miles on this trail I ran a few weeks back with Wear Blue:Run to Remember.  I purposely had my phone fully charged so I could take pictures on the run.  I was so glad I did because the views and the scenery was just amazing.

Tomorrow the number is 18.  Yep, 18 miles.  My awesome running partner and I decided to change things up and run in Tacoma tomorrow.  Of course, we will be wearing blue to remember the service and sacrifice of the American military.  I must go an prepare for that run.  Preparation is just as important as the run itself.  Proper preparation = successful run.

I will leave you, however, with the pictures I took from my run today.  The rain here in Washington may be a drag at times, but seeing it's beauty can really change your perspective.  This truly is a beautiful place and running has helped me see that beauty.  So, that my friends, is the the beauty of running.

Enjoy the pictures...

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