May 1, 2010

New Jersey's 90 Degree Saturday

What a gorgeous Saturday here in NJ!! Hubby is away for the weekend and this afternoon the girls, my parents, and I went to Sandy Hook to enjoy the lovely weather.

I have to run 18 miles at some point this weekend, so I went dressed in running clothes in the event I decided to go for a run. Sandy Hook has a great running path. I borrowed a book written by Dean Karnazes called “Ultra Marathon Man” from my good old running friend Ralph and read it on the way down. Needless to say I was totally inspired to go for a run once I got to Sandy Hook…even in 90 degree weather.

The beach was really packed to my surprise. I guess most new jersians were pretty tired of the winter and are just waiting anxiously for summer to begin. Although, I am a huge beach fan and love the summer, I have to say that I don’t want to skip spring to go straight to summer weather. I need some good old spring weather (60-75 degrees). Considering the fact that I am a few weeks away from running the marathon, weather this hot just isn’t cool…no pun intended (hahaha, yeah I’m a geek).

I began my run and headed to the beach entrance. I planned to run in that direction because I would be going towards the wind and thought “on the way back I’ll be able to relax since I will be running with the wind”. I thought it was a good idea, but once I turned around I quickly realized that running into the wind on such a hot day was really the best way to go. During my journey there were many folks riding bikes, but on 2 runners passed me and we greeted each other. I mean, we must have something in common…we are all crazy running in 90 degree weather.

I finished and ran a total of 4 miles. It definitely was a struggle, but I’m pretty sure it was the heat. I just hope that the weather for the long awaited marathon day doesn’t wind up being so hot.

My timing is great and I really think I’m going to hit my goal of finishing the marathon in 4 hours and 45 minutes.

So on goes my journey. I hope I can find someone to stay with the girls so I can run another 14 miles this weekend.

P.S. To all my fellow runners: If you run in the heat, hydration is essential. It may be a pain to carry that bottle of water, but hot or cold water is essential. YOU CAN DO IT!

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