April 17, 2010

Half Marathon, here I come

Today I ran in a 5K (3.2 miles) race with Ralph and 2 members of a local running team.  The course was very hilly, which I was not expecting and I didn't make it in the time I wanted, but at least it was good practice for the Pocono marathon.  After the 5K, we took a few minutes break and then headed back out for a 7 mile cool down - lol.  Yes, I did said 7 miles. 

The 5K was tough, but that was because my watch decided to take forever to get signal and I didn't know what pace I was running at, so aside from the race starting on an uphill, I also started too fast and wound up being winded for most of the race.  But I did finish in 30 minutes so that made me happy.

All though the pace was a challenge because I ran the 10 miles at my race pace, it was pretty comfortable.  Running with other people was definitely a plus.  It was a great distraction and made the time go by fast.  I was able to hold a conversation, which is a good sign.  Towards the end, I was starting to feel some stiffness in my knees and my ankles, but nothing I couldn't push through. 

Today was an accomplishment.  Not because I ran 10 miles because I've done that before, but because I ran 7 of them without stopping once.

Next week I'll be running the More/Fitness Half Marathon in NY.  It's a women's only race and should be loads of fun.  I can't wait for that one.  Before you know it, May 16 will be here and I will be running my first marathon...amazing.

It's not impossible.  It'sjust a matter of getting up and going.  Once you do, you'll be glad you did.

Have a great weekend.

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